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Top 3 responsive templates for blogger

Top 3 responsive templates for blogger:- This post is solely based on responsive blogger templates, that you can apply on your blog and make your blog look attractive, responsive, ads friendly, and SEO friendly. All these templates provided in this post are completely free and you don't need to buy any one of them to upload them on your blog.

When it comes to the templates, then the free ones provided by the blogger itself are not so attractive and do not provide a good user experience. That's why you need a custom blogger template for your blog.

But choosing a template is not as simple as it looks like. You have to keep in mind many factors while selecting a template for your blog. You have to be very choosy and clear.

How To Choose A Good Blogger Template?

There are so many guidelines that you have to keep in mind while choosing a good and suitable template for your blog. There is a list of few factors that you can look and based on these you can select a good template for your blog.

1. Relevancy

Relevancy is a great factor, just because you have to select the template according to the topic of your blog. If you own an article blog, then you have to go for a different template, but if you have an image downloading blog, then you have to go for a gallery template. Thus always keep in mind the topic of your blog or the niche on which you are working on.
If you select a template according to the topic of your blog, then it will provide a better experience to your user and also help you to decrease your bounce rate as well. Also, it will maintain a balance between your content and your blog appearance.

So always choose a template that is relevant to your blog.

2. Ads Ready

If you are looking forward to monetize your blog with Google Adsense and placing ads on your blog, then you have to keep in mind the ad spaces that should be available in your template. If you don't have proper ads sections in your blog, then you'll surely face problems while placings ads on your site.
This will also result in less revenue generation from your blog and hence your ultimate goal will get compromised. You'll not be able to earn that much from your blog.

So,  always choose a template that has proper ad placement sections.

3. Seo Ready

Seo plays a vital role while ranking a particular post or a website. You have to select a template that can maintain your SEO very well. The page loading speed of the template should be very less and it should serve the SEO standards. 
It should be exact according to the google pixes and should be free of all SEO related errors.

4. Mobile-Friendly

The template should be mobile-friendly and should be very responsive. As most of the users are using mobile devices to access the internet that's why Google gives priority to those templates that are mobile friendly and serve good to mobile users.

You have to keep in mind the mobile-friendliness of your blogger template just because Google uses a Mobile-first strategy, which clearly depicts that the templates that will serve best to the mobile users will be given priority and preference by Google in its search rankings.

5. Error Free

As we know templates are developed by coding and its pretty common to have errors in the templates. That's why we get a lot of errors in the templates that clearly impact your search ranking and also to the traffic and usability of your blog or website.

So always go for a template that serves you an error-free experience. 

Top 3 responsive templates for blogger

Here I'll provide you three templates that will best fit in the above-written criteria and also serve you a good and error-free experience.
So, Let's begin the countdown:-

1. Max-SEO

MAXSEO Blogger template
Top 3 responsive templates for blogger

You can Download This Template From Here-Click Here

2. Plate Blogger Template

Plate Blogger Template

You can Download This Template From Here-Click Here

3. Flat Blog

Flat Blog Template

You can Download This Template From Here-Click Here


So use these template as your choice and get more out of your blog. If you liked this post, share it with your friends and relatives on social media platforms like facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter.


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