To keep players busy, always on some missions, and to make it more interesting, Free Fire always keeps on updating the game. With new items and features, the developers often offer different kinds of game modes.

In the latest OB27 mode, the developers of the famous game Garena Free Fire have added Pet Rumble as a custom room mode.

Players are required to have a special room card to engage in this match type, and a maximum of 10 users can be featured in each match.

In this post, we're gonna talk about:- 

What is Pet Rumble mode in Free Fire?

Pet Rumble Mode is a custom room mode that is made to play with friends. Its basic concept is a social cut or murder mystery party-style game.

It's a custom room challenge, players will need room cards in another Pet Rumble Modes which they can get from their mailbox.

They can follow these steps after getting the room cards:-
  • Click on the Select Mode Tab In the upright corner of the screen.
  • Click On 'CUSTOM' and then select 'Pet Rumble Mode'.
  • Tap On the 'CREATE' button and fill in all the details including the 'PASSWORD', 'NO. OF PLAYERS', and 'NO. OF PRANKSTERS'.
  • You Can customize 'GAME TIME', 'KILL CALLDOWN', 'SCIENTIFIC WORKS' AND 'WORKING TIME' according to you.
  • Tap on 'CONFIRM' after selecting all the options.

How To Play Pet Rumble Mode In Free Fire?

At present, this mode has only one map, which is known as 'CRISIS LAB'. There will be some scientists in the lab and there will be one or more pranksters among them, who will try to drive away all the scientists anonymously.

Scientists have to work in the lab, and if the pranksters kill all the scientists without catching them, they win the game. However, if the scientists vote for the pranksters before they kill everyone or get their job done, they win the game.

There is also a discussion round that can be called after reporting a dead body. During this, players can vote for suspects by voice or by chat.

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